Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ring. Ring. Ring. Hello?

The phone is a little bit of technology we all take for granted. It rings, we answer it, and we talk to someone. Some are actually in the 21st century with iPhones, Crackberries, Bluetooth headsets, etc. Not us. We lead a simple life and only have a cordless handset with an answering machine in the base. Hey, this 2.4 GHz baby was advanced at the time.

Mom has a friend that calls her every now and again. I answer the phone, bring her the handset, and then explain to her how the phone works — listen here, talk there. Then she's okay.

The other day the phone rang and I went in search of the handset. I spotted it on the tray table in front of where my mom sits on the couch. The table, a metal "TV tray" with a Japanese scene on its face that was a marriage gift to her and my father nearly 60 years ago, is where I put her meals, drinks, and reading material she's perusing such as Soap Opera Digest. As I approach the handset, mother dear picks up the television remote control and hands it to me thinking it's the phone. Even though the handset is directly in front of her, ringing with a flashing red light blinking on the end of its stubby antenna. I thought it was kinda least she knew she was looking for technology.

Today she made a leap that I thought was just so funny and adorable. Same scenario as before: the handset is ringing, little light flashing, and it is on the table by her side. This time, she picks up the can of ginger ale from her lunch and hands it to me. I found it very endearing! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Give her a gentle kiss on the cheek from me. I wish you peace, light and love.

proudprogressive said...

Geeze she is doing better then i am , my gawd , i had to get a new cell phone, the squarest one i could find, NO not a jitterbug, (the new one for the hopeless with tech) but really close and i had a fit !!! i mean the delicacy of the buttons etc. I am in the stone age i guess, cause i was telling the poor soul at the other end of phone at the phone company - I am 50 I don't want to text my friend etc...i was really sounding OLD !

Anyhow i get a visual of your mom , i could just see her with the blue tooth or whatever the heck it is (see) looking like she is ready to take off in a rocket ship or something. Too funny. Hell i would hand you the remote control too.

oh i was remembering my childhood, I love LucY WAS alway on AT dinner time..when we were kids.

We have much to be grateful for these days, may you and yours have a good holiday season. AND YOY, be sure to get YOUR repite and share of R and R !!!!