Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Think Those Are Real?

Recognition of reality vs fantasy is something mother dear can have trouble discerning. I've written about the CGI characters on television. You remember, she thinks the GEICO Gecko is real. My brother and I have come up with a good retort to that one:

Gecko: [Says anything.]

Mom: How do they get him to do that?

My Brother and Me: I want to know why he speaks with a British accent!

Mom: [Furrows her brow and gets lost in thought.]

Over the past week, I've noticed my mom recognizes that what's happening on television sitcoms isn't real. When there is a funny scene (we've been watching I Love Lucy on TV Land during dinner time), she'll ask:

Mom: How do they keep a straight face?

This is clearly is a level of understanding worth noting.


proudprogressive said...

yes it is totally worth noting, its those moments of inadvertant humor, recognition, and her personality that must help you keep going with a smile , however bitter sweet at times. I bet I love lucy must really be a great comfort to familiar and tapping into that longer term memory that remains in tact in parts..great dinner choice. lol - i can just see you and your bro..asking/playing along with the gecko thing..and my experience tells me , these "silly" conversations are what keep our suffering elders in the loop of LOVE on that emotional level, when they cannot mentally processs.

you guys rock ! and once again thank you for making so many of us smile - during the heartbreaking ordeal you and so many of your readers are living.

Anonymous said...

i am in total agreement. You rock. My good thoughts sent to all three of you.