Friday, August 03, 2007

Of Doctors And Showers

I took mother to her opthomologist appointment today.

Her vision is largely the same so no change in prescription for her glasses and her cataracts are only a bit worse. There still is no medical need for surgery and that will only come when it impairs her vision.

She was really out of it this morning when she got up. This after I just posted about how well she was doing with her memory. My brother was here and she didn't even know who he was. I think it has to do with working out in the yard in the heat. I'm still pumping her with the Gatorade to ward off dehydration. The weather forecasters say today is the last day for this hazy, hot and humid pattern and it will cool down starting tomorrow. We need rain!

When I reminded mom that she had her doctor's appointment at 1, she asked if she should take a shower. Given that she was so out of it anyway, I said no. She'd taken a shower on her own on Tuesday, she didn't smell sweaty, so it wasn't necessary.

But I came up with a pretty good solution that is worth mentioning for others. We washed her hair in the kitchen sink and that went quite smoothly. I was able to help easily and she didn't get wigged out. Then I had her use a washcloth from the bathroom sink to clean herself up. After some deodorant, we were set. No muss, no fuss!

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