Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Mom turned 78 today. Her 75-year-old brother, who we haven't seen in 18 months, stopped by with a cake and ice cream. She was really happy to see him. She gave him a tight hug and tears welled up when she said good bye.

He brought some old school photos from when she was about 10 years old and my grandmother taught them all in a one room schoolhouse. She went right across the picture and named every single one of the children!


Mom said...

It is wonderful that she still celebrate good memories with people she loves.
My mom wore a "Wonderguard" bracelet for years. Whenever she left the house alarms would ring and we could go out and bring her back home.

proudprogressive said...

How fortunate her long term memory is still somewhat in tact. Happy birthday YOY's Mom. Bet that cake and ice cream was deee lish us !!!.

Glad to hear you got a doctors appointment coming up. Now i am not a doctor. but once had a the dis pleasure of actually being given Buspar word YUCK - we are all different but i found agitating and it made me extremely uncomfortable. I realize Xanex is a very "heavy benzo" addictive at dosages as low .25 mgs..but its old , tried and true. And somehow i view it - AND i am not a doctor as a more comfortable medication. I am only 50 though and do not have dementia. But as one who actually tried it and can tell you what it felt like, that buspar YUCKY to the ength, and i wonder if your mom could tell you - if she experienced that way.
- i would prefer and do prefer a tiny dosage of Xanex. Mom is gonna be forgetful no matter what - i am thinking of maximum comfort for her. Just my humble non medical opinion. I would never seek to contridit a doctor , but as a patient i can give a self report of what that Buspar can feel like - it was awful - one pill and i tossed the rest away. Addiction is the least of my worries with the elderly and with myself. So that is where i am coming from.

fondly - pp

proudprogressive said...

As long as i am spilling my guts here , i wanted to give YOY more feedback regarding Zoloft vs. Paxil as i have injested both of them..a varitable talking lab rat i am. Now i am kind of hyper by nature, have a small frame. OK - here is what i found. Paxil was preferred, it helped my concentration, and was sedating and helped my sleep as well VERY MUCH for about 4.5 yrs. I got on it back in the days where all one had to do was go peep and ask and your GP handed it out- a friend had given my a sample helped me continue to work for at least a yr. Now eventually it backed up in my liver..causing some hinky symtoms SOOO i went off it cold turkey - NOT RECOMMENDED - brain zaps etc. I have been anti depressant free for 4 yrs now at least.

OK during this time..once a friend sent me Zoloft,i took half a pill and thought i would jump out of my skin..It made me a believer that KIDS should never be on this medicine. Anyhow just my experience.

Paxil is really strong and sedating and IF mom is small or frail my gut says give her half doses ie. break a 10 into 5 and gradually build up but a little goes a long way...just my experience as a lab rat here..offering only because i care.
and mom may not be able to tell you how they feel, when injested.Plus mom sounds pretty peppy by nature, like me. Of course all medicines have risks and trade offs.

All the gardening etc.
- PP

Anonymous said...

Hope this was a pleasant day for you! Such mixed emotions at times like these where we witness the memory that works in relation to all that doesn't. My dad is able to tell most of the funny stories about us from youth, but has a curious way of changing them to suit his image of himself. Bittersweet. I have been lurking this blog, and appreciate you doing this. It helps me through.