Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quick Medical Update

The bleeding has stopped. I think we can attribute that to the change to oatmeal for breakfast. I started out with a basic brand of oatmeal with various flavors that she wasn't too keen on. I got a Quaker sample pack the other day and she is most taken with the peaches and cream flavor. Peaches and cream it is! It took about a week, but I'd much rather handle this with a simple diet change than to add another pill. I'm of the mind that the fewer pills any of us takes, the better.

The Namenda doesn't seem to be working yet but there aren't any side effects yet, either. Last time she tried it, she was more disoriented and weak. The starter pack is 5mg for Week 1, 10mg for Week 2, 15 mg for Week 3, and 20mg for Week 4. We just finished Week 1. As long as there are no side effects we can continue on to see if things improve. Keep your fingers crossed!


proudprogressive said...

great news about the diet..Peaches and cream it is !!

now i am not a freekin doctor..instincts however tell me keep the new drug at a low dose for even a second week.

give it a long time...and pass the Oatmeal.

just me PP, and what i would do if she were my mom.

proudprogressive said...

PS hopefully all my study and 20 yrs in the fields and trenches, as a recreation therapist and MSW (with multi populations and work settings) are not for naught..

More stories,lessons and places..then one can imagine. The medicine sounds very powerful(and barely out of any clinical trials)

perhaps like paxil could effect her liver....i am rambling but happy mothers day YOY - u are such a good mom.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog. It is helping me think about what kinds of information might be helpful on my website ( I don't have a lot on AD yet, but your trials and tribulations are helping me focus on what practical advice I might be able to share. Likewise, I will update the constipation section too.

Max Ambrose said...

I had quite an experience on Saturday. For the very first time my step-mom did not know who I was. It has been two months since I last saw her....I am amazed at how quickly things are progressing.

I don't know how you deal with this on an up-close and personal basis.

Gavin said...

Dr. Gwinn- You can link to me from your site if you think that might help any of your visitors.

Max- Sorry to hear that. My mom didn't know my brother for the first time about 2 months ago when he came by at lunch time. She'd seen him the day before, and remembered not knowing him later on that afternoon.

My best advice is to know that they don't mean it so you can't take it personal. It also helps me to think about how I want to be treated when/if it is my time.

In a way, it may be easier for me being up close and personal since the effects of the changes are slow rather than a big leap by being away. It was that way for me when I lived in CA and visited every 6 months. Then I could really notice the changes.