Monday, May 28, 2007


It's Memorial Day Weekend and that can only mean one thing. Lilacs!



proudprogressive said...

How gorgeous ! I have flower envy. Dispite the never ending battle i know you wage with keeping the bulbs in during mom's weeding escapades. Here in the semi arid high desert gardening is unbelievably challenging - however my Dutch Garden Irises are doing so camera. This company however, where i got the bulbs from in located in Vermont..and wow what a product. The bulbs in their second season are catalog beautiful yellow gold purple, deep blue and are multiplying dispite ME. Needless to say while i cannot eat them ( i am a firm believer in veggie gardens - just too damn hard out here in clay and burning sun) They sure do feed my soul. Thanks YOY for sharing the pics. i can almost smell them..delightful !!

You probably are aware of Dutch Gardens company but if not check em out on line. Great bulbs !

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Great camera as well. I wanted to recommend a read from Dr. Blaylock regarding alzheimer's.