Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Amazing Animals

There must be something about the advertising folks for Geico Insurance. Mom continues to be absolutely enamored with the cavemen. If old ladies with dementia are their target market, their hitting a bull's eye.

Tonight it was the gecko. Mother dear thinks he's real too...really alive, really talking, really intelligent, and I suppose really from Britain.

"How do they get him to do that," she asks. "I've been watching him for years...and he makes sense!"


Max Ambrose said...

I am sure that she is not in their target market. However, I am sure that I am and I find both marketing campaigns to be really funny.

You mom has good taste.

proudprogressive said...

YOY that is too funny. Maybe its the baby shaped big eyes on the gecko that grab her maternal attention. I was thinking about the last post and her anxiety..when you leave for too long..Now this may be a useless idea,but i saw these little recorder/reminders advertised on TV. That supposedly one can pre record with reminders (of course one would have to remember to push the button)

You could record a message ie. I will be right back..have gone grocery shopping etc. Perhaps any number of messages. She could wear it like a good luck charm around her neck when you leave for bits of time..and perhaps press it. Hear your voice and have her anxiety quelled...Just a thought


Gavin said...

PP, thanks for the suggestion. You are right, however, when you speculate that should wouldn't remember to push the button. She is still struggling today.

The good and bad news is that we go to the doctor tomorrow. Good because I want to suggest a new med (Namenda) a friend told me about; bad because getting her ready could be a real chore. Let's hope for both of our sakes that it goes well!