Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Egg Says It All!

The Easter bunny visited our home last night and left a little pink stuffed rabbit for my mom. We're having pork loins, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, brushetta, and brownies for dinner.


proudprogressive said...

Hi i found you through your comments and link at Edicts. Both of your blogs move me. I am a retired social worker. Your heart just shines through and with your permission i would like to link both of your blogs to my new enterprise. "We" at Notes certainly care about health issues. I would not do this without your permission. of course. Hope dinner was good. It sure sounded yummy. I am new at this blogging business and hope its not a major faux pas to ask about this in the comments. A little more about me, i too lived in NYC area and also in San Francisco. Now i have landed in New Mexico. Whatever i wish you the best, in day to day challenges from gardening, to looking after mom and keeping ourselves sane in an insane world.


you could reach me in the comments on notes,if you are so inclined. Top post or the one called springtime buzz is a good spot.

proudprogressive said...

or leave an ok here , i do check back. Us Nancy Cons will rule the world. ! And you might have figured i am just thrilled that she deemed to link my little blog. what a fan girl i am. oh well nothing more theraputic than laughing your head off - and she sure has a gift for that. I swear each post is better then the last. She must be a professional comedian or something. I haven't a clue, all i know is -its the best satire out there bar none. In my book at least.

Gavin said...

Hey there!

Thanks for visiting. Yes, you can add both my blogs to your blog roll if you'd like.

And dear, sweet, oppressed Sister Nancy Beth. Ya gotta love her!

proudprogressive said...

thanks Y, and yes i am totally into the good sister ...she is damn good medicine a laugh a day !

glad your mom had a laugh over the robins..i threaten my male cat once in awhile when he hunts my older cat..I will turn you into a rug. I would make a rotton mother no doubt.

anyhow see you in the comments you are a swell guy.

Anonymous said...

"a little pink stuffed rabbit"

Ahhh... How sweet of the Easter Bunny:)

Remember when Santa left a raking gnome on my doorstep? Santa is cool too.


Gavin said...

Yes, you never know what things are going to be left around when I'm nearby! ;)

The rabbit has bendable arms and legs so he's sitting on the television.

Mom keeps asking me, "Now where did that thing come from?" I tell her, "The Easter bunny," and she says, "Oh, that's right, somebody told me that."