Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Closet Cleaning

Yesterday evening mom started with the closet. She goes through these cycles where she feels like she has to "organize" the closet. She worked for years so her closets are filled to the gills with professional clothes. Last time I wrote about this it was the coat closet by the front door. This time it's the winter clothes closet here in the den.

Well now the clothes are all throughout the house. She takes out about 4 hangers worth of sweaters, shows me her discoveries as though she's seeing them for the first time, and then shuffles out into the house and sets them down randomly. She'll get up this morning and wonder why all the clothes are strewn about.

I've been kinda stressed lately so it's just one more thing I have to deal with. I guess one of the bad sides to all of this is that I never get to have a bad day.


proudprogressive said...

Well Y o Y i am sending you out a virtual hug. You and your brother are doing the work of three shifts of professional care givers. And i have not noticed too much about your brother. Your humor and other interests seem to give you some respite. But i hear you loud and clear the moodiness and stress we all experience in day to day living can be a challenge when stuff just piles up or in this case gets stewn around the house. She is one lucky gal is all i can say. And hey remember you don't ever have to be perfect. No matter how you slice it a relative is hopefully more caring then a stranger.

So buddy give yourself a pat on the back. And hey let the clothes lay around until you feel like a cleaning harm no foul eh ?

hope the crocus's didn't croak. Just chiming in to send a little support to you. You do take beautiful photographs.

hang in there,


proudprogressive said...

oh i forgot to mention that I too lived in Albany in the late 80's. I have fond memories of that beautiful park,among other things. typical me me always about me.

hope you are having a good day !

bye for now