Friday, March 09, 2007

Out Of The Closet

Yesterday was everything out of the closet day. I hate those days. Mom picks a closet and drags everything out of it because it "needs to be organized." This time it was the coat closet. She brings the items in to me, sometimes one at a time, sometimes two or three at a time, and shows them to me.

Coats, shoes, boots, a dust buster, spare tiles from a mirrored wall we have...more often than not, the items make more than one trip in for my attention because she forgets. For example, she brings in Coat A, shows it to me like she's discovered something on a fact finding mission, and then either brings it back to the closet or sets it down somewhere. Next, same thing for Coat B. When she brings Coat B back, she rediscovers Coat A. And so on, and so on until she tires herself out. There is no reasoning with her so you just have to wait for her to get it out of her system.

I must have been out of sorts yesterday because it was really irritating me.

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