Friday, February 09, 2007

Coffee, Tea, Or Ginger Ale?

Mom calls me out into the kitchen yesterday afternoon. Holding a mug, she asks me if I'd heat up her coffee in the microwave. I wondered how she had got the coffee. I make a small pot every morning, so I figured she must have poured the cold bit that remained.

I take the mug and it is filled with a light brown liquid. Oh, tea I think to myself. I know she likes tea. There isn't a teabag, there's no hot water on the stove. How, exactly, did the tea get this far along? The mug is cold.

I lifted the cup to my nose and smelled. Hmmmm, familiar, but I'm still thinking that it's tea. I took a sip. Tastes good but it's carbonated. Then I saw the soda can on the counter. Ginger Ale!

So I made a fresh pot of coffee and we each had some.

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