Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Activating Assistance

We have decided to get assistance in the care of my mom. Toward this end, we have started a claim on her Long Term Care policy. This process doesn't happen overnight so starting the paperwork is important to do before you really need it.

I made the initial call about three weeks ago when we brought her home from the hospital. In that time, I've dealt with the Long Term Care policy insurance company, the company they recommended to find nursing/aide assistance that are qualified under the plan, and we had a nurse here to do an in-home evaluation. Everyone has been first rate, friendly and knowledgeable. I hope it continues to go this smoothly.

We've had to fill out quite a few forms and I'm waiting to hear from her primary doctor to retrieve the forms that he is required to complete.

During the in-home evaluation, it was me, my mother, my brother, and the nurse. I answered all of the questions, while my mom kept turning to my brother and whispering, "He's full of shit" and "That never happened," as she couldn't even remember being in the hospital two weeks prior.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Y,
I'm de-lurking here briefly because I want you to know you are not alone. I have been where you are, twice. Both of my parents. Dad passed in Sept. and Mom 3 yrs ago. I remember well the stage your mom is at now. You are smart to get help. You have a long road ahead. Stay strong. Stay healthy. God speed.