Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'll Have Two Number Fives, Please

I don't particularly relish preparing food so taking on the responsibility of making all meals for my mother and me is quite a big task. Once a week, I've decided to go the fast food route.

As with most things, I've researched it beyond all reasonableness — that's the Libra in me. It turns out that Wendy's offers the best solution. Not only is it healthy and tasty, it's on my way home from yoga class so it is convenient, too. A trip to the drive thru and dinner is quickly in hand.

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 370 calories
Side Salad with Reduced Fat Ranch Dressing: 140 calories
Light Lemonade: 10 calories

Total: 520 calories

Verdict: Delicious, low calorie, and easy!

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