Sunday, March 11, 2007

Deer Maul Cats?

Our cats occupy so much of my mother's time, I think I'd be a raving lunatic without them here. Wondering where they are, whether they are in or out, if they are hungry, etc. gives my mom purpose. And, to her credit, the cats do love her and take turns on her lap getting patted, scratched, and kissed.

Yesterday, three tom turkeys wandered through the back field. Cat #1 was outside by the shed watching them as they made their way across the yard in a pecking parade. The cat was able to crouch on top of the snow which formed a hard crust a few days ago after some rain and subsequent freezing temperatures.

Today the deer were here. Remembering that the cat was out in the field before, mom started to worry.

Me: The cats go out all the time. They know about the deer. Why are you so worried?

Mom: Because deer will maul a cat.

Hmmm, that would be a heck of a sight!

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