Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Practical Solution To Impatience

The biggest difficulty for me in living with someone with Alzheimer's is my mom's constant repetition of questions. Here's the cycle: She gets something on her mind, asks about it, I answer...repeat, and repeat, and repeat some more.

In my previous Every Day Is Monday post I spoke of my mother's problem with understanding the t.v. guide. Regardless of how many times I put her on the correct day/page, she finds her way back to Monday (since that's the day for Deal Or No Deal). She becomes frustrated because then she thinks it's Monday and DOND should be on but she can't ever find the channel. I get frustrated because I have to explain it over and over and she still doesn't understand.

The solution: I am going to tear out the guide's listings as each day passes. So there will be no Monday listings after Monday has passed. Underhanded? Perhaps. I tend to think of it as clever. In any case, I think it will help keep us both sane!

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ArichNY said...

I think that is a GREAT solution! Saves her the confusion and saves you the necessity of having to keep practicing your patience!
Now get out of my way! I have some serious shopping to do!