Friday, November 10, 2006

Beef, Chicken, Or Fish?

Presenting Alzheimer's sufferers with a list of options is a fruitless effort. By the time you mention Option #2, Option #1 has flown right out of their head. Take them to a restaurant and a menu is just a huge sum of mind-boggling characters on paper formed from ink. It does still amaze me that mother dear still enjoys reading the paper and her CBS Soaps magazine. As my grandmother used to say, "I always read the obituaries to make sure I'm not in there."

A friend once warned me of the phenomenon of choice confusion. She told me to suggest a selection rather than to expect them to make one. "Oh, mom, look they have crab cakes. I know you like those. Should we order them for you?" Rather than, "The salads here are really good, but those chickens on the rotisserie look yummy, and I know you like crab cakes. What do you think?"

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