Friday, October 20, 2006

Deal Or No Deal?

Mother likes the show Deal Or No Deal. Loves it. Is obsessed with it. All day, every day, she asks, "Is my program on today?"

However, she doesn't understand it because the show is counterintuitive. Contestants are encourages to select cases with money in them. Each case that has its contents exposed gives the player a better idea of what is in the one they hold. So, rather than getting excited about picking high amounts, they're happy about picking low amounts because that means their case has a better chance of a higher amount. Got that? My mom just can't understand why they would cheer for low amounts and get depressed when they reveal the $1M or other high amounts. She probably asks 10 times during each show for me to explain it, and I patiently tell her every time.

The excitement of the show seems to be the draw for her. Oh, and I think she has a bit of a crush on Howie Mandel. :)

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